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Officers for 2019-2020 SSIG Global. Click on arrow to see more

The Executive Council held its AGM on July 16, 2019, via online conference and elected the leaders to lead SSIG Global starting August, 2019 into August, 2020. The elected officials for SSIG Global are as follows:

President: Namulauulu Albert Ainuu, USA

Vice President: Savea Levale Lio, Australia

Secretary: Tupa'i Marchetta Sanft-Levy, New Zealand

Assistant Secretary: Oscar Nao, Japan

Treasurer: Manufui Nielsen Petersen, New Zealand

Assistant Treasurer: Tuilaepa Faafetai Su'a, USA

Legal Counsel: Fina'i Bernie Ah Voa, New Zealand

In an effort to maintain a level of consistency the members of the Executive Council decided to continue the tenure of Namulauulu Albert Ainuu as the President for one more term. Manufui Nielsen Petersen (President of SSIG Global NZ) moved to the Treasurer position and the Council then added Tuilaepa Faafetai Su'a (President of SSIG Global USA) as the Assistant Treasurer. Filling the vacated seat of Vice President is Savea Levale Lio (President of SSIG Global Queensland, Australia). Meanwhile Tupa'i Marchetta Sanft-Levy of New Zealand was elected the new Secretary of SSIG Global and her Assistant is Oscar Nao of Japan. The Legal Counsel for SSIG Global has not changed. Fina'i Bernie Ah Voa, of New Zealand remains the Legal Counsel for SSIG Global. This is truly an international group of leaders.

SSIG Global is proud to honor the work of those who have served in the Executive Council for the past 12 months such as Lilomaiava Solomona Ulu, of Queensland, Australia, the previous Treasurer, who has been a steady and solid leader in all of the SSIG Global efforts in the past 12 months. The other individual who has left the Executive Council to take care of family work in Samoa is John Malaeolevavau Peterson, of NSW, Australia, who was the Secretary. He also was a stabilizing force for good in the Executive Council. We will be always grateful to them for their exemplary work and visionary leadership in SSIG Global's formative years. 

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Enlightening the Samoan population, giving them the truth, leading the way for future generations to stay vigilant against corruption and foreign take over attempts. Improving the lifestyles of Samoan citizens both in Samoa and in foreign countries.

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SSIG Global Executives



Namulauulu Albert Ainuu resides in San Diego, California. He has worked in the legal field in California, Hawaii and Japan. He is also working in Film Production and currently working on a degree in 3D Animation. He operates the Le Malae website and began various content production companies including Pacific Media Visions and Lyfemation. His title is from Fogapoa, Savaii and he is from Sapapalii, Safotulafai, Salailua, and Fagasa, Savaii; Manono, Safaato'a, Lefaga, Malaemalu and Poutasi, Falealili, Salani, Ulutogia, Faleasi'u and Fagaloa.  Committed to the goals of SSIG he will work for the removal of LTRA 2008 through removal of the HRPP in the 2021 elections.



Savea Levale Lio is no stranger to leadership. He has held a position of leadership with the Brisbane Radio Program for Samoans in Brisbane on 4eb radio since 1996. He has 10 years of service on the Executive Board of this radio station and 7 years as the Convener. Savea is the programme coordinator of his radio show.  Savea has served as the President of SSIG Global Australia during his first term in 2018, and then he was reelected recently to be the President for SSIG Global Australia. 




Manufui Nielsen Petersen is the President of SSIG Global New Zealand. he has been a part of SSIG Global since it began. His dedication and determination to present the best and most professional version of Samoa allows him and New Zealand to be the guide that SSIG global has emulated. Manufui has been a successful businessman for many years in South Auckland with a number of businesses that he has operated in the community. he also has been a steady voice in the media field as a partner with most of the radio broadcasts that are listened to by the majority of Samoans living in Auckland and around the world. Manufui brings to the table a wealth of experience and a reputation that is impeccable. He was educated at CCWS and has been very influential in the Mormon faith both in Auckland and in Samoa. SSIG Global is very fortunate to have the support of such a well respected leader. He hails from Vailele and Falealili.


Tupai Marchetta has been a dedicated member of this movement from Day one. She has worked tirelessly for the New Zealand team as secretary and other positions. She is a no  nonsense but fun loving person. Her skills are in keeping the money and the operation transparent and we are lucky to have her in this group of patriots of which she definitely is a patriot for Samoa. If you need to hear the truth with no fancy additions ask Tupai and she will give you the information without hesitation. A truly tireless worker she dedicates alot of her time to this effort. We here at SSIG Global love her fiery personality and her fearlessness.  She is from the town area of Apia.



Oscar Nao is the Japan representative for SSIG Global and has been a steady supporter for SSIG since it began. Oscar lives in Hokkaido which is in the northern part of Japan./ She speaks fluent Japanese as she is married to a Japanese. But her loyalty to the Samoan nation is evident as she has continues to lend her support with her effort and work in the Council. We are very fortunate to have her on board and she brings her positive energy to all we do. She also is vey skilled at media production as a graphics designer for video that is used in the SSIG Global TV. We have enjoyed her good energy that brings alot of laughter to the meetings.  




Tuilaepa Faafetai Su'a has been a very active member of SSIG Global and was elected as the President of SSIG Global USA earlier this year. He has been operating the Long Beach California based radio program Siufofoga ole Taeao Fou now for over a year and is well respected in the Samoan community in Los Angeles, California. Tuilaepa was an original Manu Samoa rugby player in his younger days. Tuilaepa is a very active member of the Samoan community and his Church rely on him for his leadership and wisdom.  Its been an honor working with him and we have learned alot from his experience and wisdom.  He is from Sapapalii in Savaii.


Finai Bernie Ah Voa is a very astute and professional attorney who has devoted her time and expertise to SSIG Global to make sure all the decisions made are done with legal authority and in line with the law. Her understanding of the law and how it relates to the movement forward for SSIG Global has been a great source of comfort for the Council knowing there will be a strong presence of legal knowledge in the decision making process. She has been working as an attorney in Auckland and also done work in Samoa for many years. Her work on the lawsuit fo repealing LTRA 2008 must be acknowledged and we credit her with many of the innovative ideas for challenging the status quo in Samoa. She hails from Letogo.

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